Our purpose is to train young artists’ in the craft of drawing.  This is a skills based program designed to give the student a core body of knowledge and foundational skills by the time they are eighteen years of age.  

The Vosler Young Artists' Studio, A Classic Atelier, was founded in 2010 by professional artist, Kerry Vosler and her husband, James Vosler.     

Who can enroll?:  Any young artist, age seven to eighteen, with the desire to learn classical drawing.  No previous experience is necessary.  

Atelier (atil-yā) is a French word literally translated as "workshop."  In English, it is used to refer to a working studio, typically an artist's studio.   The Atelier Method is a form of fine art instruction often modeled after the private art schools of 15th to 19th century Europe. An Atelier consists of a master instructor who is professional painter, working with a small number of students to train them in traditional drawing and paintings techniques.

Great Artists, musicians, writers and athletes do not acquire their skills overnight.  It takes years of study to gain insights and to understand the technical mastery of the craft for all of these endeavors.  Talent is nice to have but not necessary to become an artist.  Dedication and long term commitment is really what determines how successful the artist will become. 

Working on a series of exercises with increasing levels of difficulty and variety, artists progress at their own pace and do not move ahead to the next exercise until a reasonable level of technical proficiency is demonstrated.       

The Vosler Young Artists' Studio is a nurturing environment for the young artists.  As our program develops we will bring exciting additional special demonstrations and visitors to enhance our artists' experience.  

Our Core Program

The Vosler Young Artists' Studio, A Classical Atelier
Sundays 2:15 PM to 4:15 PM  pre-teens. Cost: $135 monthly flat rate
Sundays 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM   teens. Cost:  $195 monthly flat rate.

The Young Artists' Studio Instructors will train students in the skills and techniques associated with creating representational art, the making of two-dimensional images that appear real to the viewer.

In an atelier students study and draw from life with a master instructor.  Students will draw from the 19th Century Bargue classical drawing program and a variety of pictures in charcoal from still life set ups and casts with a direct light source.  Teen students draw daily from clothed models and live animals or birds.  Students will be given specific concepts to draw and then master.   As students master these concepts and show understanding through drawings they will be given more complicated concepts to master.

In our beautiful North light studio students will begin with basic shapes and instruction in the classic order of light. They will progress to Charles Barque drawings and cast drawings in charcoal or graphite.   All drawings are done from life.


  • Instruction with master instructor 

  • Portfolio development

  • Visiting Master Artists' critiques

  • In home program

  • Students gain experience teaching

  • Scholarships

  • Opportunities to study in other age appropriate classes

  • Open access to lectures and visiting master demonstrations

  • Expanded access in summer months to work on drawings

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