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Pre-Teens ages 7-11

This Program is Currently on-site by reservation.

$135 Monthly Pre-teen

Sundays 2:15 PM to 4:15 PM  

Teens ages 12 to 18 


Currently both online and on-site by reservation

$195 Monthly Teen
Sundays 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM  

Open enrollment
$50 Enrollment Fee (All supplies included) New on-site students only

Online Students will be provided with a link to access art supplies for home use upon enrollment and will not pay the enrollment fee.  

Students pay a monthly flat rate.  The Atelier price includes a yearly student exhibition in our atelier and gallery.  All supplies for the drawing phase of instruction.  Master instruction and special events that relate to our Atelier program.   Students work from the the Charles Barque drawing program under the guidance of the instructor.   Students work in the classical tradition to learn to draw the human head & figure, still life and from casts. 


Throughout the year students will meet for a dedicated block of time at the Vosler Young Artists's Studio.   Students have the added benefit of coming to other age appropriate classes at the Vosler Studio free of charge if they are enrolled in the program.  Teen students have expanded access to the studio in summer months to work on drawings independently.

Teen Summer Workshops 2020

Grisaille Painting Workshop To be announced

Instructor Yeats Ihrig

Brandon, Florida  

Location:  Studio by reservation

$250 Enroll and pay Studio participants may bring check or cash first day

 This three-day workshop will follow the process of making a monochrome painting, or “grisaille," from a still life.  Using a limited palette of greys, students will learn to manipulate oil paint while focusing on value organization.  The conversation will revolve around describing form through ranges of value, an important lesson for painting in full color. The first half of the workshop will address techniques for underpainting, known as "first painting." The second half will be spent on the overpainting, or "second painting.” Supply list and zoom meeting information at registration via email.  See Online Workshops on our web page.  Adults and Teens Welcome! Supply list at registration.     

Brandon, Florida   For June workshops, enroll on home page then book online!

Location:  Studio/Online  

June   7-11, 2021   Planes of the Head and Features 1

June 14-18, 2021   Planes of the Head and Features 2

$395 per week

Supplies Included for on site students.  Online 

McLean Project for the Arts MPA has invited us back for a 5th year of Summer offerings at MPA. 

McLean, Virginia

August 16-20,2021.  Register with McLean Project for the Arts (updates soon)

$445/415 MCA District Residents

 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM  One hour lunch with breaks

Upon Registration students will receive a more detailed schedule of events two weeks prior to each Session.  


The Vosler Young Artists' Studio is pleased to announce A Classical Drawing Workshop for Teens, Ages 12 to 18.  Our Summer Workshops have been very successful and we see returning students each year.  See our events page above for images.  Find more images for our Summer workshops on our facebook page. 

$395 Per Week - check or credit  (Prices may vary with location)

Students may enroll in one or both weeks.  Two weeks is encouraged.  The program will change slightly each week.  
Online does not include supplies.  *Lunch not included
Cancellation policy:  Full refund one month prior.  $100 non-refundable within 14 days of workshop.

Note: Cancellation policy may vary in locations outside of Tampa.   

Drawing the Head and Neck.  This 2021 workshop will introduce the young artist to a classical atelier program of instruction.  Students online will be provided content via email or through zoom shared page.  The focus for this summer will be planes of the head and features.  Anatomy lessons will accompany the instruction.  Antique classical copy work will accompany the lessons.  Both Tampa Bay Area workshops will be slightly different content.   


Kerry Vosler, master instructor, will do frequent demonstrations.  This workshop may have a qualified assistant instructor and a seasoned student instructor from the Core program.   Workshops will vary in content from year to year so returning students can continue to build both skill and knowledge.

Each Summer we change our summer program and add new content.  

Sample schedule below: 
Monday - Start of drawing from the Charles Barque program. 
Tuesday Morning -  Resume copy of Barque and follow through to finish.
Wednesday - Concentration of drawing with emphasis on the classic order of light.
Thursday -  Concentration on anatomy and drawing of the head.
Friday - Drawing from live models to practice learned techniques.

*Note schedule may be modified to meet needs of students.

Other Classes

New schedule of classes and workshops to be announced.

Kerry Vosler teaches classes and workshops throughout the year.  Vosler Young Artists' Studio students can take her age appropriate classes free of charge if they are enrolled in the program.   This gives students an opportunity to study more focused classes in portrait, landscape, figure and still life.  Model fees are shared among all students.

Field Trips


The Vosler Young Artists' Studio schedules field trips to artists' studios, museums and other special events several times a year. 

Check the calendar for the most updated information.



The James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art, September 19th, 2020

Big Cat Rescue to be announced

Ranch to draw horses


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