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This Program is Currently Only Online

Online fee

$115 Monthly Pre-teen

$175 Monthly Teen

Sundays 2:15 PM to 4:15 PM  Pre-teens

$135 monthly

Sundays 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM   Teens 

$195.00 monthly

Open enrollment
$50 Enrollment Fee (All supplies included)

Online Students will be provided with a link to access art supplies for home use upon enrollment. 

Students pay a monthly flat rate.  The Atelier price includes a yearly student exhibition in our North light atelier and gallery.  All supplies for the drawing phase of instruction.  Master instruction and special events that relate to our Atelier program.   Students work from the the Charles Barque drawing program under the guidance of the instructor.   Students work from life to learn to draw the human head, still life and casts.


Throughout the year students will meet for a dedicated block of time at the Vosler Young Artists's Studio.   Students have the added benefit of coming to other age appropriate classes at the Vosler Studio free of charge if they are enrolled in the program.  Teen students have expanded access to the studio in summer months to work on drawings independently.

Other Classes

New schedule of classes and workshops to be announced.

Kerry Vosler teaches classes and workshops throughout the year.  Vosler Young Artists' Studio students can take her age appropriate classes free of charge if they are enrolled in the program.   This gives students an opportunity to study more focused classes in portrait, landscape, figure and still life.  Model fees are shared among all students.

Field Trips


The Vosler Young Artists' Studio schedules field trips to artists' studios, museums and other special events several times a year. 

Check the calendar for the most updated information.



The James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art

Big Cat Rescue to be announced

Ranch to draw horses


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