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New Adult Courses & Workshops
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Figure, Portrait, En Plein Air, Monday Open Session
Portrait Sculpture Workshop with Mardie Rees, NSS, 2024 

Are you looking to enhance your skills and understanding of the human form? Are you searching for a community of artists to who value learning in a creative atmosphere?  Come study with us.  We have a passion for learning and teaching and are very interested in helping you reach your goals for your work.   Beginning, Intermediate, advanced professionals welcome.

Location:  Vosler Atelier
330 Pauls Drive, Brandon, Florida 33511    
813-417-5867 for more information                 
   Enroll top right of Homepage to book online




Mardie Rees, NSS 

JANUARY 18-20, 2024

9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

$550 Incl Model fee

Where: Vosler Atelier

Fly into Tampa Intl.

330 Pauls Drive, Brandon, Florida 33511



REGISTER:  ENROLL on Homepage and book online or call 813-417-5867

Learn to sculpt the portrait and capture likeness and personality in clay. Working with a live model students will sculpt two portraits at half life-size in clay on a fixed armature. Instructions includes introduction to tools and techniques, proportions, structural anatomy and leaning to observe the nuances of the human face.


ABOUT Mardie Rees, NSS

Mardie Rees (b. 1980) is a fine artist and figurative sculptor who is native to the Pacific Northwest. Born into a creative household, her childhood was spent sewing garments and building homes, drawing pictures and visiting museums. In her adolescence, Rees’ family uprooted and moved to Ecuador to facilitate community development. The years spent in Latin American culture sparked her artistic expression and became a quest, a way for her to balance the familiar and the foreign. This broadened worldview set her on the path to be an artist for life.

Rees earned her BFA from Laguna College of Art and Design in 2003. In the years that have followed, she has created life-size bronze sculptures for museums, hospitals, schools, and collectors. She is represented by Nedra Matteucci Galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Rees has won many accolades for her emotive sculpture including Soul of the Forward and Faithful, a WWII U.S. Marine Raider Memorial currently housed at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. An Elected Member of National Sculpture Society, she is a two-time recipient of the Beverly Hoyt Robertson Memorial Award and a multiple award winner in Portrait Society of America’s International Competition & Exhibition. Rees has also been recognized and awarded by Allied Artists of America, the Marine Heritage Foundation, and the prestigious Art Renewal Center International Salon Competition.

Mardie lives in Gig Harbor, Washington with her husband, Jeremy, and their three children. Her delight in all people and their stories is the lens through which she captures relationships and the fundamental duality of human life: love and pain.


Through sculpture I seek to explore one of the fundamental dualities of human life: bitter and sweet. The human form is my muse; I study the physical exterior that reveals the sacred inner self. As I shape and cut into clay with handcrafted wooden tools, I compose dynamic gestures eager to explore the very breath of life, the persona in three-dimensional form. Like our true selves, my work has no pretense of perfection: tool marks and fingerprints characterize the gritty edges of our beautiful lives. Though I have ultimate control over the outcome, my pieces inevitably contain elements of mystery, shadows of the stories shared between model and sculptor. Our lives are defined by the highs and lows of relationship. Despite the struggles we face, my work evokes the wholeness and goodness of who we are.

All levels welcome

Materials list:

Aluminum Calipers 12”
Armature (x2): 7 x 7" piece of plywood with 6" dowel  (available to buy for $25)
Water or oil clay (approximately 24 lbs)
Wooden sculpting tools: Chisel edge, Rounded edge, Ridged edge, Loop Tools
12-18” ruler

Spray Bottle (water clay)
Wet rag (water clay)
Plastic bag & rag
Handheld Mirror
Sketchbook, pencil

Register: 813-417-5867
Right Corner of Website: ENROLL


Monday Night Open Studio   *Please send a text if you are planning to come 813-417-5867

$10 per person each Monday *Cash preferred Students $8

6-9 PM Model 

Starts October 2nd, 2023 

*Clothed, costumed, nude

Under 18 need written permission from a parent to attend when models are nude.

This is an uninstructed studio open to the public.  Easels and taboret first come first served. 

All levels and all media welcome.  Oil painters must have closed (no glass) containers of gamsol or no odor turpentine. 


History of the Open Studio 

Open studios originated in the salons of 17th Century Paris, such as the Hôtel de Rambouillet and the gatherings of intellectuals and artists hosted by Madame de Scudéry.  An open studio is intended to foster creativity and encourage experimentation in an atmosphere of cultural exchange, conversation & encouragement.  Photos of models only with express permission.  Models determine fees for photos. 


Adults and Mature Teens

$410 per week (Supplies included)

June   3-7,  2024

June 10-14, 2024

9:30 AM - 4:00 PM 45 minutes for lunch

Courses to be announced in January.

Instructor: To be announced

Students may enroll in one or both workshops.  Students will receive a more detailed schedule of events one week prior to workshop. 

Students will bring bag lunch from home.  Water is provided.  

Cancelation policy:  $50 non-refundable within 10 days of workshop. 

Portrait Drawing

Kerry Vosler

To be announced

9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

$150 Model fee included

Beginning to Intermediate

Professionals who want to brush up on anatomy.

Learning to draw the portrait is really about understanding the entire skull, neck and shoulders.  This course is six weeks long so we can focus on the skull, anatomy and the simplification of planes of the head in the first few classes.  Before tonal value relationships it is imperative that we learn to construct the head with understanding.  Before the details everyone loves to do first we must accurately state the gesture and proportions of the head through direct observation of the model.  The first part of this course will focus more on line and the second on massing with the medium of charcoal.  More instruction on muscles and features will be given at the end of this course.  Easels and taboret provided.

Supply List. *Find on Amazon, Cheap Joes, Blick Tampa

Strathmore 400 series 18 x 24

Clip board or masonite 20x25 or more to support pad.

Nitram 5 Fusains B Box (Soft, light)  

Generals primo 59-3B  (Med value)

Generals Elite Grande #5000 (Dark)

Kneaded eraser (generals brand or favorite)


old brush or blending stumps.

En Plein Air 

Kerry Vosler

To be announced

9:00 AM - Noon


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This will be a regular Saturday en plein air (landscape) class.   In the coming months we will focus on more complex subject matter such as landscape, clouds & sky, buildings, figure and portrait in landscape.  Getting to know our colors and techniques with the palette knife and brushes will be an important starting point.  This class is for beginners, intermediate and advanced plein air painters.  Kerry will work with you at your easel at your level.


This October course will focus on impressionist color theory.  Painting from colorful still life setups in our yard outdoors artists will gain knowledge of the unique characteristics of each color on their palette.  With each new still life we will explore how to organize and simplify the still life.  Shapes, values, color saturation and temperature along with edge work will be discusses and demonstrated by Kerry in the medium of oil.  A full list of supplies will be available upon registration.  Artists may work with a minimal or a full palette of colors. In inclement weather we will have access to our atelier upstairs.  Bathrooms are just inside the building.  Pastel and watercolorist are welcome.   Supplies upon registration. 

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