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Executive Director:  Colonel (Ret.) James Vosler

Master Instructor & Program Director:  Kerry Vosler


Advisory Board
Lois Griffel

Jeffrey Hein
Ann Manry Kenyon

Robert Liberace

Dan Thompson

​Colonel (Retired) James Vosler, President & Executive Director

Colonel (Retired) James Vosler, co-founder and President of the Young Artists' Studio.  He is an author, leader, and Professional Civil Engineer in both Virginia and Florida.  He graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.  He Holds a masters degree from the U.S. Army War College in Strategic Studies and a MBA from Long Island University. 

Kerry Vosler​, Master Instructor & Program Director

Kerry L. Vosler received her formal art training the old fashioned way studying directly with master instructors. Her most influential instructors were, Daniel Greene, Robert Liberace, Lois Griffel & Dan Thompson.  Today Kerry is a seasoned plein air painter, portrait and figurative artist. She is equally skilled in the mediums of oil, pastel, charcoal and conte.  In 2010 Kerry and her husband, James, founded the Vosler Young Artists’ Studio, A Classic Atelier for children under eighteen in Tampa, Florida.  In 2012 she was appointed faculty to the Portrait Society of America’s Annual Portrait Academy, Miami, Florida.  Since 2019 She has lead and coordinated over 50 national and international Ambassadors for the Portrait Society of America's Ambassador Program.  Kerry Vosler's website   

Elizabeth Jenness Burge, Instructor

Elizabeth was influenced first and foremost by the artists with in her family, primarily painter, Ruth Jewell, who was her first teacher.  She was then taught by Artists John Stephens and Hannes Beckmann before spending four years at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts and also completing a commercial arts program. 


Attending workshops she continued to inform her practice as well as having had the privilege of studying under Charles Miano at his "Southern Atelier" further refining her skills through his classical academic program.  She teaches representational drawing and painting regularly out of her studio, the Southern Atelier and the Vosler Young Artists' Studio.                                                                                                More about Elizabeth

                                                                                          Yeats Ihrig, Instructor 

Yeats Ihrig graduated from Robinson High School in 2014.  He has been the recipient of three scholarships from the the Portrait Society of America.  He received a Honorable Mention for his self portrait at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, 2nd Annual Teen Portrait Competition, 2013.  Yeats graduated from the Angle Academy of Art, Florence, Italy in 2017.  He was a finalist in the Art Renewal Center's 14th Annual International Salon for his still life paintings of "Cose Vecchie" & Still Life with Pumpkin in 2019.  Yeats is an alumni of the Vosler Young Artists' Studio and teaching assistant from 2010-2014.  He teaches the VYAS Summer programs each year and contributes to program development.   

Yeats teaching 2018_edited_edited_edited
Josephine Maier_edited.jpg

Josephine Maier

Student Instructor, 2021-2023

Josephine Maier started at the Vosler Young Artist’s Studio in 2020, wanting a more in-depth and classical art curriculum than what is offered at most schools.  She currently attends Blake High School in the creative writing program.  Josephine plays the violin in the Blake H.S. orchestra.  


Mikaela Parrish.jpg

Mikaela Parrish

Student Instructor, 2020-2023

Mikaela began her studies at Vosler Young Artists' Studio at age nine.  She quickly mastered concepts and over the years has taken ten summer classical drawing workshops.  In 2018 Mikaela received a scholarship to attend the Portrait Society of America Conference.  

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